Steered by design rather than fashion, Vyner Articles aims to enhance its wearer’s own style, creating ‘Artworkwear’ for artists drunk on creativity. RefrigiWear is broadening its horizons with a new line that is created and curated by Vyner Articles and dedicated to reliable and relevant solutions for an inspiring everyday life.

RefrigiWear Reimagined by Vyner Articles

Founded in 1954 as the “Modern Way to Keep Warm,” RefrigiWear offers innovative insulated clothes originally developed to help people working in cold conditions stay warm without losing performance.

RefrigiWear recently collaborated with Vyner Articles to revamp some heritage-rich styles for an audience that appreciates authentic and unique. Founded on Vyner Street in East London, Vyner Articles pays homage to its home in prints designed by a Vyner community of artists and designers.

"The idea was to create a new type of workwear for artists drunk on creativity."

Heikki Salonen, Founder and Creative Director.

Heritage Reborn

The collection offers a wide range of garments and accessories, featuring both reworked classics and brand-new pieces. Aiming to keep you cool and snug on a chilly day, the designs include outerwear that echo 1970s skateboarding nostalgia and keep you as warm as if you were in California on a hot summer day.


Rooted in RefrigiWear heritage, the collection boasts bolder colors, a relaxed fit and carefully selected materials, including recycled nylon and vegan insulation.